Why Do Athletes Need Sports Physicals to Play?

Is your child thinking about competing in school sports? Have they competed in sports before? Whether it is their first time training and playing on a team or they’ve done it before, sports physicals are an important part of the process. Before students can be cleared to play, they need to have a physical examination to ensure that they are ready. Thankfully, UT Health East Texas Urgent Care provides fast and convenient sports physicals near Myrtle Springs. We offer examinations that help athletes meet the state requirements necessary to play. It’s natural to want to know why athletes need sports physicals and what’s involved in the process. Learn the answers to these questions and more with UT Health East Texas Urgent Care.

How Do Sports Physicals Protect Myrtle Springs Athletes?

A sports physical examination reviews an athlete’s health history as well as their current physical health to determine whether they are fit to play. In some cases, an underlying health issue may have gone unnoticed that could put the athlete at increased risk during play. This evaluation can help to identify such conditions and help an athlete take steps toward addressing them. 

For example, if an athlete suffered concussions or unconsciousness in the past, it could enhance their risk of serious injury. Additionally, if an athlete has undergone surgery, they could also be at an enhanced risk of aggravating those injuries while playing. In addition to sports physicals, Texas athletes must also disclose whether they are using steroids. Athletes are prohibited from using steroids because they can provide an advantage over other athletes. Additionally, those using steroids may make competition unsafe for other athletes.

Ultimately, sports physicals and other sports regulations are designed to keep all student-athletes safe. When athletes receive sports physicals in Myrtle Springs or other areas across Texas, it can be a relief to know that these services are meant to safeguard themselves and all who compete.

What Should I Expect During a Sports Physical?

During a sports physical, athletes will be asked questions about their medical histories and undergo a physical examination. The questions cover several different health topics. Examples include: 

  • Asking whether the athlete has ever passed out during or after exercise. 
  • Asking if the athlete has any skin problems (such as rashes, warts, funguses, or blisters).
  • Asking whether the athlete has any vision or eye problems. 
  • Whether the athlete has sustained sprains, strains, or fractured/broken bones.

The athlete should be prepared to answer these questions. The full list is available on the University Interscholastic League website. 

After answering the questions, the athletes will then undergo a physical examination. This process helps the medical professional conducting the exam verify that the athlete is ready to compete. Different areas of the body, such as the organs and musculoskeletal system, will be checked for abnormalities. If there are no issues, the athlete can then receive approval.

Get Quick and Convenient Sports Physicals From UT Health East Texas Urgent Care

If you had concerns about receiving sports physicals near Myrtle Springs, hopefully this explanation has shed light on the process. Check-in to UT Health East Texas Urgent Care for fast and easy sports physical services. Let us help your athlete meet the requirements to compete.