How School Physicals Keep Players Safe During Sports Season

Joining a sports team can be a very exciting part of your child’s school experience. They can develop their skills in sports and spend time with other students who share the same interests. Make sure that your student athlete is in the right physical condition to get in the game! With school physicals in Canton from UT Health East Texas Urgent Care, you can get a thorough assessment of your child’s current state of health. And with this evaluation, our healthcare professionals can help prevent injury and illness that could keep your athlete from participating.

Healthcare Professionals Evaluate the Player’s Current Health

School physicals from our urgent care in Canton are comprehensive reviews of your child’s physical health. We begin by weighing them for our records. Next, we perform a wide range of health tests to check their flexibility, eyesight, breathing, and reflexes. These evaluations help our experts better understand the athlete’s health and any existing issues. This can indicate whether or not the player is a fit for their sport or if it could be too strenuous on their health. With the findings of our school physicals, we help students avoid entering into situations that could cause injuries.

Physicals Ensure That Athletes Are Up to Date on Vaccinations

Group sports are a fantastic social activity for children and young adults. But since athletes remain in close quarters with teammates, it is especially important to be current on all vaccinations. Our school physicals in Canton take a thorough look at which vaccinations your child is up to date on. And, we make you aware of which ones they still need before beginning the season. Your child should have all of the recommended immunizations as well as any recommended for immunocompromised players. 

While side effects of vaccines are not common, there is still the chance that your child may experience fever or pain at the injection site. If your sports physical shows that you are missing any vaccinations, make sure to schedule these with enough time for possible side effects to pass without affecting your athlete’s schedule.

These Assessments Take Previous Issues Into Account

Even if a student is not currently experiencing pain or illness, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in the clear. If they have a medical or genetic history of health issues, this is taken into account during their evaluation. School physicals in Canton assess previous health issues such as asthma or muscle injury to help weigh the potential risks of participating in certain sports. If exercise and sports could exacerbate an old or underlying health condition, the specialist can help offer solutions to keep your child in the game. Or if they deem participating as too great a threat to the player’s health, they may advise them to seek a different sport that better matches their physical needs.

Prevent Injuries With School Physicals in Canton

Get ready for sports season with UT Health East Texas Urgent Care! With school physicals in Canton, our healthcare professionals can help your athlete avoid serious injuries or health concerns. Stop by our clinic today for your evaluation. To make your wait even shorter, check-in online to reserve your place in line. You can also speak with a member of our team by calling 903-567-4692.