Looking for Rapid COVID Tests in Canton, TX?

Cases of the delta variant are still growing and causing devastating overflows in emergency rooms across the country. This is where your local urgent care centers can help! With rapid COVID testing, sick patients can quickly establish a plan for quarantining and treatment to prevent spreading the virus. This also improves their chances of recovery. If you are exhibiting COVID symptoms, you need a fast diagnosis. Get rapid COVID tests in Canton, TX at the UT Health East Texas Urgent Care!

Why Rapid COVID Tests Are More Important than Ever

Following the first wave of COVID-19 and a short lull in cases, many families became comfortable with traveling and spending time around groups of people. This complacency is a major contributing factor to the current spread of the delta variant. Rapid COVID tests are useful for identifying high viral loads and determining who is most contagious. By pinpointing the most viral patients, healthcare providers can both quickly and efficiently treat active cases and prevent these viral hotspots from growing. This can also help those who are sick from infecting their loved ones.

Staying Ahead of the Spread

Getting tested during the early stages of your symptoms can help you to avoid a life-threatening COVID case. But aside from getting your rapid COVID tests at your Canton, TX urgent care, how else can you stay ahead of the virus? Daily practices and habits can keep you well and protect those you come in contact with. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Know Your Symptoms

By now, we should all be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19. Shortness of breath, fever, headache, and a loss of taste and smell are among the most common. Symptoms of the delta variant are not much different. However, patients have shown fewer cases of altered senses of taste and smell. They are instead showing cold-like symptoms of sneezing and coughing. Be aware of your symptoms! If you exhibit multiple of the ones listed above, visit your closest urgent care. Or, schedule a virtual visit with one of our doctors to determine your next best steps.

Mask and Social Distance

It is as important to mask and distance now as it was during the beginning of COVID-19. Masking creates a barrier between you and the people around you to limit the spread of the highly contagious strains of COVID. Keep masks with you when you leave your home, and remember to wash reusable masks regularly. Keep as much distance as possible between others in the grocery store or other social areas. These small steps can have monumental effects on the spread.

Get Your Vaccine

We know that this is a highly polarizing topic. The COVID vaccine helps create a safety barrier between patients and the virus. While this may not make you fully immune, it greatly increases your ability to prevent catching the virus or developing life-threatening symptoms. When paired with the preventative steps listed above, you can help the worldwide endeavor of getting ahead of the virus. Find your nearest provider today to schedule your free vaccine!

Find Rapid COVID Tests at Our Urgent Care in Canton, TX

Are you or a loved one showing symptoms of COVID-19, or have you been in close contact with a positive case? Come to UT Health East Texas Urgent Care today for your rapid COVID test. Our nasal swab tests deliver results in just 15 minutes so that we can help you determine the best course of action. Check-in online now, or give us a call at 903-567-4692 with any questions. Protect your health and the wellness of the people around you with rapid COVID tests at our urgent care in Canton, TX!