Woman driving who should get DOT testing

Are you applying for a commercial driver’s license, or is it time to renew? That means it’s time to schedule testing at your closest urgent care. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all commercial drivers to pass this special testing to remain compliant. But why do commercial drivers need DOT testing, and what does the process entail? Learn why DOT testing is necessary for ensuring the safety of everyone on the road.

Why Do Professional Drivers Need DOT Testing? 

The Department of Transportation is committed to keeping roads safe for everyone. That’s why professional truck or bus drivers are required to pass regular DOT testing to prove they are fit for duty. A driver must pass the test before receiving their commercial driver’s license (CDL) or renewal license. Then, they must continue to get tested regularly throughout their career. 

These tests help ensure that drivers are qualified and can safely operate their vehicles. This testing is necessary for public transportation drivers, eighteen-wheeler operators, and other big rig vehicle drivers.    

What Does the DOT Testing Process Include? 

UT Health East Texas Urgent Care offers full-service DOT testing services that include all components required by law. Our experienced professionals will guide you through a five-step testing process.

  • A physical examination tests the driver’s general health and current respiratory, oral, neurological, and skeletal condition.
  • Separate vision and hearing tests ensure a driver can quickly and efficiently react to traffic concerns.
  • Blood pressure and pulse rate monitoring checks for abnormal levels that may indicate excess strain on the body.
  • A urinalysis doubles as a drug test and a screening for potential health issues that may affect one’s ability to drive.

If test results show reasons for concern, doctors will address these issues with the driver to ensure they can safely perform their job requirements.

Get Your DOT Testing At UT Health East Texas Urgent Care

At UT Health East Texas Urgent Care, we understand how important it is for professional drivers to comply with federal laws. That’s why we offer comprehensive DOT testing services designed with one goal in mind: to keep our roads safe! 

If you’re a big rig driver in need of DOT testing, stop by UT Health East Texas Urgent Care. Our friendly staff can help you understand and complete the testing process so that you can maintain your CDL. We’re ready to help when it comes time to renew your license or get a check-up for your overall health. 

Visit our urgent care clinic in Canton, TX, or check-in online to help make your wait even shorter. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 903-567-4692. From getting directions to our clinic to double-checking that you have everything you need for your visit, we’re happy to help you feel confident on testing day!