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Drivers of large-scale vehicles require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). This means that they must first pass a CDL physical exam, also called a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical. This certifies drivers to operate these vehicles safely. However, a disability or preexisting medical condition can disqualify you from receiving your certification. At UT Health East Texas Urgent Care in Canton, we perform CDL physicals to help you meet your CDL driving qualifications!

Why Must Drivers Meet Physical Standards?

Since operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) can be a physically demanding job, you must first be physically cleared for driving. Stopping time, maneuvering your vehicle, and assessing blind spots are all much more difficult when driving a large-scale vehicle versus a traditional passenger vehicle. Drivers must be able to sit for long periods. While your vision does not have to be perfect, it must be at least 20/40. This goes for your auditory function as well. Hearing impairment can limit your response time. Your provider will issue an auditory exam to test your hearing capabilities.

CMV drivers may be responsible for transporting chemicals, waste materials, or people. CDL physicals prove that you can carry out your job safely. These exams cover your medical history and physical abilities. A certified medical examiner (CMV) will perform a thorough audit to determine whether you are qualified or disqualified for CDL certification.

What Can Keep You From Becoming Certified?

Some medical conditions affect your ability to operate your CMV. This is why DOT physicals are essential. Your CME tests for any possible conditions that would inhibit your ability to drive. This way, you do not put yourself or others at risk. Conditions that may disqualify you from receiving your CDL include:

  • Heart conditions, such as heart attack or blood clots
  • Vision impairment, or less than 20/40 individually and combined
  • Auditory issues that prevent passing an audiometry test
  • Marijuana usage, even if you have a prescription
  • Conditions that induce seizures or loss of consciousness, like epilepsy or narcolepsy

Even if you have a disability, this does not necessarily prevent you from getting your medical certification. Instead, your provider can grant an exemption. You may be deemed able to drive, even with preexisting disabling conditions. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure must be monitored to maintain your license. To receive this exemption, you must apply to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They will then pass final judgment and either approve or deny your exemption. If you are granted the exemption, you must renew your CDL license and undergo a new DOT physical every year rather than every two years.

Get CDL Physicals in Canton With Expert Care

If your job requires a CDL physical, UT Health East Texas Urgent Care in Canton can help! Our certified examiners perform your initial or returning DOT physical in 30 minutes to an hour. Please remember to come ready with all required items for your exam, such as lab work, glasses, or doctor’s notes. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can check in here on our website. Have any questions? Call us at 903-567-4692. We look forward to providing you with fast, convenient care.