Why should you get your flu shots from our urgent care in Canton, TX?

Each flu season, you and those around you are at risk of serious complications and illness. From body aches to high fevers and more, active symptoms of the flu can lead to missed work, time away from family, and even hospitalization. Getting your flu shots from our urgent care in Canton, TX, can help to protect you and your loved ones! At UT Health East Texas Urgent Care, we know the benefits of the yearly flu vaccine. Here are four reasons you should get yours from our urgent care today.

1. You Can Prevent a Positive Case of the Flu

The purpose of the flu shot is to help your body create virus-fighting antibodies. Within two weeks of getting your flu vaccine, your immune system should form antibodies to protect against the flu. This can help stop you from getting sick altogether, or you may experience much less severe symptoms in the case of infection. For patients aged 6 months and older, you should get your flu vaccine in October before the peak of the season. But don’t worry—you are still eligible for your flu shots through the following March. If you are ready to schedule your family’s flu shots, get in touch with our urgent care in Canton, TX, today.

2. You Can Decrease Your Chances of Hospitalization

Severe complications from the flu are possible. In the 2019 to 2020 flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that a minimum of 410,000 patients were hospitalized due to flu complications. If you experience shortness of breath, chest or abdominal pain, or dizzy spells among your other flu symptoms, you should go to an emergency room right away. Emergency signs in children may also include a blue tint in the skin or lips, labored breathing, dehydration, or stopping eating or drinking. If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to severe infections and health concerns. With the flu vaccine, you can strengthen your immune system. And, this can help you fight off the flu or make your symptoms much easier to overcome.

3. You Can Reduce the Severity of Your Symptoms

Though flu shots help to prevent contracting the flu, breakthrough cases are possible in those who have been vaccinated. Since it takes up to two weeks to build immunity against the virus, it is possible to get sick before your body has had enough time to strengthen its immune system. Or, you may have been exposed to the virus before your vaccination. However, those who have received their vaccine have shown a 26% lower hospitalization rate and a 31% lower death risk when compared to unvaccinated individuals. Should a patient who has been vaccinated still contract the flu, their symptoms are often less severe and are regularly shorter-lived.

4. You Can Help Prevent Spreading the Virus to Others

The flu is spread easily through coughing, sneezing, or even simply talking with others. Droplets from your mouth or sinus can become airborne. These can then spread to other surfaces or even directly infect another person. This is especially dangerous for children, senior adults, individuals with compromised immunity, or those with chronic health concerns. By getting your flu shots from an urgent care like ours in Canton, TX, you can help to not only protect your wellness but also those around you. The flu shot can help you drastically reduce your chances of getting sick. And, it can slow the spread to others.

Get Your Flu Shots Today in Canton, TX

Don’t wait to get your flu shots! There’s still time to fight the current spread of influenza with flu shots in Canton, TX. For questions about services at our clinic in East Texas, visit our website or give us a call at 903-567-4692. Or if you are ready to get your flu shot today, check-in online to claim your spot! Let us help protect you and those around you from the flu virus with the annual flu vaccine.